Betsy Ladyzhets

Betsy Ladyzhets

Betsy Ladyzhets is a senior journalism fellow at the Documenting COVID-19 project. She's a science, health, and data journalist currently focused on COVID-19; her work has appeared in Science News, MIT Technology Review, the COVID Tracking Project, and other outlets.

Man receives vaccine shot in arm.

Missouri allocated $11M for vaccine gift cards. Most health departments said no thanks

By: and - December 2, 2021

As the delta variant ran rampant this summer, Missouri officials pleaded with the federal government to allow a $100 gift card program to incentivize COVID-19 vaccines. But months later, just 20 of the 115 eligible local health departments have opted into the vaccine incentive program, an investigation by The Missouri Independent and the Documenting COVID-19 […]

Steve Edwards and Robin Trotman, CoxHealth

‘Soooo frustrating:’ Infighting, bad predictions hindered Missouri response to Delta

By: and - October 28, 2021

Dr. Robin Trotman had an inkling his Springfield hospital system was experiencing a harbinger of what was to come. It was late June, and CoxHealth was seeing an influx of COVID-19 patients who had already been vaccinated, as the highly contagious Delta variant spread unchecked through the region. Trotman, an infectious disease specialist at CoxHealth, […]