Humera Lodhi

Humera Lodhi

Humera Lodhi grew up in Columbia, Missouri and specializes in data-driven journalism. She earned her bachelor’s degrees in statistics and journalism from the University of Missouri. She joined The Star after completing a master’s degree at Columbia University and a fellowship at The Marshall Project, a journalism nonprofit focused on criminal justice issues.

When Missouri repealed a key gun law, few protested. The result: more deaths than ever

By: , and - October 31, 2021

Frank Randle was pulling his truck into the parking lot of 9ine Ultra Lounge for his shift as a security guard at the club in January 2020 when chaos broke out. Gunshots pierced the frigid air as people ran in all directions, screaming and trampling each other. In his rearview, he saw a woman on […]

Missouri schools with lower state funding suffered higher rates of gun violence

By: - September 14, 2021

Christian Rich has seen more death and violence at age 15 than many experience in a lifetime. His best friend, cousin, and a number of classmates have all been killed with guns. At school, his grief comes out in different ways: fights, arguments with teachers, sometimes walking out of class altogether. He was only in the classroom […]

‘We should be doing more’: In St. Louis and KC, fixing vacancy reduces gun violence

By: and - August 1, 2021

ST. LOUIS At first, Chassidy Howard thought she was hearing fireworks. Then she felt the pain in her leg. It was excruciating — she had been shot. Howard fell down behind a car and listened to her grown son Buddy call out from down the street. “Mama, mama, I’ve been hit! I’ve been hit!” Buddy […]

In Kansas City, a wave of evictions could push gun violence to new extremes this year

By: and - May 23, 2021

KANSAS CITY — When Bryan Murrell first found the house, he could barely imagine anyone had ever lived there. It was boarded up, filled with trash, everything in complete disarray. But Murrell, a part-time home renovator, knows this house on a corner of Prospect Avenue in Kansas City’s Washington-Wheatley neighborhood can be a happy home […]