Janice Ellis

Janice Ellis

Janice Ellis has lived and worked in Missouri for more than three decades, analyzing educational, political, social and economic issues across race, ethnicity, age and socio-economic status. Her commentary has appeared in The Kansas City Star, community newspapers, on radio and now online. She is the author of two award-winning books: From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream (2018) and Shaping Public Opinion: How Real Advocacy Journalism™ Should be Practiced (2021). Ellis holds a Ph.D. in communication arts, and two Master of Arts degrees, one in communications arts and a second in political science, all from the University of Wisconsin.


The biggest threat to American democracy comes from within | Opinion

By: - April 4, 2022

Ukraine’s desperate fight to avoid authoritarian rule is a stark reminder of how important our democracy is — how much we need to treasure it, protect it and continue to work to make it better. Ensuring that our democracy prevails must be done in every unit of government in this great republic. The threats that […]


Women make indispensable contributions every day in sustaining this nation and society | Opinion

By: - March 21, 2022

As we near the end of another Women’s History Month, it is abundantly clear that one month is woefully inadequate to celebrate, let alone cover, the myriad of contributions women have made and continue to make in fostering the well-being of this nation and society. The fact that we set aside a month to recognize […]


Faith plays an integral role in American politics. We can’t ignore that | Opinion

By: - March 7, 2022

A cursory review of American history shows the central role God and religion played and continue to play in our politics. From the Revolutionary War to the formation and drafting of our most sacred national documents, God and religious principles are boldly infused throughout. The phrase “separation of church and state” is not found in […]


If you think you are living in a divided America, it’s nothing new | Opinion

By: - February 21, 2022

We are the United States of America. At least, that is who we have always claimed to be. But are we? Have we ever been? Considering where we are today, and the state of our public discourse, it begs the questions. The brazen and hateful divisions playing out in almost every aspect of American life […]


Appointing a Black woman to the Supreme Court is not affirmative action | Opinion

By: - February 7, 2022

The distorted misinformation about affirmative action is once again raising its ugly head around the potential nomination of a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court. Before any qualified, likely overqualified, Black woman is nominated for the Supreme Court, her reputation is being tainted by the notion that the only reason she is being considered […]


No matter what we call it, let’s find common understanding about race and racism | Opinion

By: - January 24, 2022

Critical Race Theory. Uncritical Race Theory. Factual Race Theory. Call it what you will. But as the saying goes, “A rose called by any other name is still a rose.” Racism called by any other name is still racism. So, let’s step away from the naming, and name calling, and try to find some common […]


What if we regarded and treated America as our family? | Opinion

By: - January 10, 2022

Like it or not, we all are members of a larger family. America. As residents of a community, city and state, we are kin folk. Whether by blood or as neighbors; nearby or afar; friends or strangers; we all are related, by circumstances, in one way or another. So what sane, sensible, rational and caring […]


Next year will not be better unless we get involved | Opinion

By: - December 27, 2021

As a new year dawns, many of us may find it difficult to be very hopeful about anything as we continue to see so many negative forces impacting our daily lives. But we all have choices. We can choose to be resigned and discouraged, or we can choose to do something about it. The New […]


Some politicians deliberately sacrifice public health and safety for personal greed | Opinion

By: - December 13, 2021

Whether driven to hang on to power, have access to money, or intoxicated by fame—when politicians say and do things that hurt and harm the people for their personal gain, it is greed of the most grievous kind. Greed? Yes, greed. Greed has many faces and is manifested in many ways. Whatever form of greed […]


A time to think about who we are and who we are becoming | Opinion

By: - November 29, 2021

As we begin to resume some sense of normalcy in our lives during this holiday season, and as we gather with family and friends, it behooves us to think about and discuss a not so simple question: “Who are we?” Who are we becoming, as a nation, as a city, as a community or as […]


Celebrate the bipartisan infrastructure bill for more than new roads, bridges, jobs | Opinion

By: - November 15, 2021

Is it safe to say that most Americans are sick and tired of all the partisan fighting dominating the national political landscape, causing gridlock and preventing virtually any progress in the halls of Congress? No matter what side of the political spectrum you land, you must be feeling at least a sigh of relief, if […]


Are elected officials positive role models for aspiring future public servants? | Opinion

By: - November 1, 2021

When you look at the behavior of many elected officials, whether at the local, state or national level, how many would you identify as positive role models for young people who are looking to go into politics? There are characteristics of a positive role model that cut across professions that can be guideposts for young […]