Susan Liley

Susan Liley

Susan Liley co-founded Citizens' Committee for Flood Relief in 2016 after witnessing with her granddaughter the catastrophic consequences of De Soto’s fourth flood in just three years. The community group advocates on behalf of flood victims and for flood-resistant infrastructure. As a result of her work, De Soto has gotten several grants to make the community safer. Citizens Committee is part of the nationwide Anthropocene Alliance, and Susan has connected with “flood friends” all over the U.S. -- and worries about each and every one. Susan is a helper and a dot connector. She hopes to never stop learning and watching, helping and teaching.


In De Soto, we need a way out of repeated flooding

By: - January 19, 2023

Imagine for just one second that this was you. In the center of my town of De Soto, more than 200 of my neighbors are living in a flood plain – and many are looking for a way to get out. It wasn’t always a dangerous area to live. In fact, for decades and decades […]