Friday is the 76th anniversary of Hiroshima. Doomsday is closer than ever

BY: - August 2, 2021

Let me tell you a story of witness and heartbreak. Friday is the 76th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and that’s where our story is forever frozen in time. Unlike memories, which are malleable, fade with age, and eventually die with us, photographs bear perpetual witness. That’s why photo captions, ideally, should be […]

Biden executive order to promote competition in agriculture is a good first step

BY: - July 29, 2021

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that takes significant action to reduce the trend of corporate consolidation, increase competition and deliver concrete benefits to America’s consumers, workers, farmers and small businesses. The Missouri Rural Crisis Center, a statewide farm and rural membership organization representing the interests of independent family farms and […]

A sign advertising protective face masks is taped in the window of a coronavirus pop-up store.

Here’s why the CDC recommends wearing masks indoors even if fully vaccinated

BY: - July 28, 2021

Vaccinated people need to mask up again, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On July 27, the CDC recommended that everyone in areas with high COVID-19 infection rates wear masks in public indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. It’s a reversal from the CDC’s May 2021 advice that the fully vaccinated […]

Missouri’s public universities should mandate COVID-19 vaccines for the fall semester

BY: - July 27, 2021

Missouri has become the latest battleground in the war against COVID-19. Not only are we battling the Delta virus and its uncontrolled spread, we are also battling the clock — or should I say calendar? The summer is quickly passing and before too long we will be back in the fall. Thus entering another cold […]

Ongoing fight for voting rights shows how the weeds of aristocracy are alive and well in America

BY: - July 26, 2021

America just recently commemorated its birthday, Independence Day, celebrating freedom from the oppressive monarchy and aristocracy from which its forefathers fled. But the weeds of aristocracy — the stubborn and relentless efforts to choke out equal representation — could not be more evident than in the recent surge across the country to make it more […]

The Missouri House floor for the 2019 State of the State address.

Capitol Perspectives: Medicaid’s financial history

BY: - July 23, 2021

There is a fascinating history to Missouri’s recent special session to fix the legislature’s failure to continue one of the state’s most important financial mechanisms that assures adequate funding for Medicaid health coverage. The mechanism goes back to 1990, when Missouri accepted voluntary contributions from the Missouri Hospital Association to provide higher Medicaid reimbursements for […]

Vaccine hesitancy in Missouri is more complicated than just party affiliation

BY: - July 21, 2021

No doubt, what is happening to sections of our state is absolutely heartbreaking. Currently, the Delta variant of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in the lower portions of Missouri, steadily creeping up its midsection and beginning to move outward towards the suburban ‘coasts’ of Kansas City and St. Louis. While outspoken hospital administrators have been and […]

My daughter is enrolled in Pfizer’s vaccine trial because I don’t trust COVID

BY: - July 20, 2021

On a sunny Wednesday a little over a month ago, my 7-year-old daughter bravely held my hand as we walked into Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City to participate in a pediatric vaccine trial.  After a numbing agent, a blood draw and a nasal swab, she was finally injected with either a placebo or the […]

Missouri is facing a pediatric behavioral health crisis

BY: - July 13, 2021

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been generally accepted that the virus is not as dangerous to children. Of our nation’s more than 600,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19, nearly 400 have occurred in children ages 0 to 17. For anyone tempted to view this impact dispassionately as “minimal,” we can assure you […]

Capitol Perspectives: The two sides of Bob Griffin

BY: - July 12, 2021

The passing of former Missouri House Speaker Bob Griffin last week reminds me of a conflict I’ve seen so often with public officials between dedication to serving the public versus seeking financial or political gain. In his historic 15 years as speaker, Griffin accomplished so much and respect from his colleagues of both sides of […]

What is the ‘Show Me State’ showing its citizens and the nation?

BY: - July 12, 2021

The state of Missouri, the “Show Me State,” is located in the heart of America. In addition to the sass and symbolism the nickname and location connote, what a great geographical and strategic position to be in — to lead, to bring about positive improvements in the lives of its citizens and be a great […]

Protesters at Medicaid expansion rally

Capitol Perspectives: Missouri’s Medicaid history

BY: - July 9, 2021

The Missouri legislature’s recent special session on Medicaid involves a dominant state issue with a long and fascinating history. It begins in 1945 when President Harry Truman called for a national health insurance program. Twenty years later, Congress added two health-care provisions of Truman’s vision into the Social Security law. It was signed by President […]